we’re an artisan pizzeria based on northgate street in chester and we make some damn fine pizza.

before cooking it in a traditional wood-fired oven, we raise our signature dough over 24 hours to offer you the perfect neapolitan pizzas: with the freshest, thinnest base and a delicious puffed up cornicione (crust).

as you might have guessed from our name, we also offer unique takes on other types of dough, so make sure you keep an eye out for our limited run, guest dough pizzas!

at dgh dgh we believe that pizza, beer and friends make for a great time: We’re all about a relaxed atmosphere, good vibes and delicious food.

whether you’re out for a family meal or just grabbing a slice and a drink with some friends, we’ve got you!


 We wake up everyday to make damn fine pizza.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Neapolitan pizza or of a more robust base, we’ve got you covered.

We raise our dough over 24 hours to give it a light and airy bite, and cook our pizzas in a traditional, wood-fired oven.

we import most of our ingredients directly from italy, so you get an authentic taste of the ‘bel paese’ in every delicious bite.

Our head Pizzaiolo Gabriele has been cheffing for over a decade, so we’d like to think we know our dough.

for more information on our food, check out our menu here


 no good story ever started with a bunch of friends eating a salad, right?

we offer a range of delicious craft beers from some of the uk’s most exciting BREWERies.

all beers have been selected by alex, our head barman, to complement our freshly made pizzas. don’t forget that our staff are always happy to RECOMMEND a pairing to best suit your order.

if you’d like to know more about the beers and breweries we handpick, alex updates our beer blog once a week. you can find it here!


 we offer a relaxed and laid back atmosphere for you to take in while you eat and unwind.

our open kichen means that, no matter where you sit, you get a prime view of your pizza being cooked by our skilled pizzaiolos. nice one!

whether you’re looking for a large table for you and your friends and family or something a little more intimate, we’ve got something to suit you.

we even have a classic arcade cabinet filled with awesome retro games for you to play.

It’s simple: you bring the friends, we’ll supply the rest.