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Common Grounds Beer Review

Common Grounds - Beer Review

Common grounds

Magic Rock

ABV: 5.4%

Common grounds is a full-bodied, decadently smooth coffee porter in collaboration with the roaster ‘Dark Woods’. 7 different malts combine with 7 types of coffees which are added at three different points during the brewing process to create a sweet toffee, rich fruit and chocolate depth, accented with notes of vanilla and hazelnut. This is a truly delectable beer!

It pours a sheer black, with a contrasting tan head. On the nose you get coffee (and when I say coffee I literally mean ground coffee) and not much more. However, on the tongue it also gives way to big notes of vanilla and dark chocolate, dissipating with notes of hazelnut (as well as a big hit of the robust coffee, obviously).

For such a big bold beer, it’s incredibly easy to drink: I wouldn’t go to it for a refreshing after-work beer, but maybe a few beers in, or after a lovely meal. Maybe skip the espresso and go straight for a Common Grounds. Make Huddersfield proud and chug down a few of these.

9/10: awesome porter from an amazing brewery.

Common Grounds Beer Review
Common Grounds Beer Review