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Oedipus Polyamorie Beer Review

Oedipus Polyamorie Beer Review

Style: Pale Ale/ Berliner Weisse

ABV: 5%

Dutch Brewers Oedipus are at it again with their seasonal special ‘Polyamorie’, a complex mix between a pale ale and a sour beer. Oedipus have managed to amalgamate the two styles pretty flawlessly.

Once poured you see a hazy orange liquid with a snow white foam. On the nose you get huge aromas of overripe orchard fruit and some stone fruit, followed by a touch of oats. On the tongue you get the initial hit of tart fruitiness, big tropical fruit flavours with a lovely bitterness coming in from the Citra, mango and Amarillo hops used. Well and truly refreshing.

Polyamorie lacks in body overall, but texturally the mouthfeel is brilliant: not watery, but at the same time you don't have to battle to get it down. The acidity levels really add to the overall feel of the beer, making it a perfect mid-session palate cleanser. 

To summarise, a solid refreshing beer, with plenty of fruit flavours but with a lovely hoppy bitterness.


Oedipus Polyamorie