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Siren Calypso Beer Review

Siren Calypso Beer Review

Style: Berliner Weisse

ABV: 4% 

Once again, Siren have made a truly wonderful beer, taking the name from a Greek mythology nymph. They released 7 varieties using 7 different hop strains, one for each year that Calypso kept Odysseus captive.

Calypso itself is a pleasant and refreshing Berliner Weisse, weighing in at 4%. In the glass it’s almost clear gold in colour with a thin white head. On the nose I instantly got tons of sour citrus and tangy passion fruit, which end up with huge lingering tangerine aromas. As soon as the liquid touches your tongue you get the mouth-watering lactic kick, followed by crashing waves of sour orange and passion fruit, with subtle mineral almost nettle tones coming through in the back. 

 This beer has a great level of carbonation, feeling almost effervescent on the tongue, ultimately adding the pure refreshingness of the beer.

 Overall Calypso is pretty light, but still with enough body to cater to seasoned drinkers. Definitely a summer beer. 

Greek goddess or refreshing summer treat? You decide.

 7/10 refreshing sour. Little too tart for my liking.

Siren Calypso Beer Review