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Siren Yu Lu - Beer Review

Siren Yu Lu Beer Review

Style: Loose Leaf IPA 

ABV: 3.6%

 Another great beer from the Berkshire powerhouse that is Siren Brewery, with other fantastic beers in their repertoire such as Undercurrent and Soundwave. This loose leaf Tea IPA is a refreshing choice. At only 3.6%, this beer is brilliant for hot summer’s days sat at a BBQ or soaking up the sun in a beer garden.

Upon pouring, Yu Lu has a lovely golden hazy appearance, reminiscent of a blonde ale, with a slightly underwhelming head, only due to the short lifespan of the foam.

The aroma is straight up floral citrus with a slight undertone of bergamot. On the palate we get loads of citrus notes to begin with, dissipating into fruity tones with subtle spicy elements.  This is where the tea comes into play. As the liquid leaves your mouth you are left with that lovely bergamot/Earl Grey taste. What’s more British than ale and tea?

Overall the taste is moderately bitter but still delicate. 

Yu Lu has quite a dry finish, with a similar mouth feel to the drying character of the tannins in tea. 

Great refreshing beer, very palatable, perfect for summer. 

8/10 my cup of tea.  

Siren Yu Lu - Beer Review
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