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Saint of Circumstance - Collective Arts Brewery

Saint of Circumstance Beer Review

Brewery: Collective Arts

ABV: 4.7%

From: Ontario, Canada

Saint of Circumstance, is a lovely citrus pale from Canadian brewery Collective arts. I think of it as a go-to, easy drinking, any occasion blonde ale. Made using wheat for the lovely lemony notes and body. Then the addition of citra, centennial and Amarillo hops providing huge waves of citrusy goodness.

Saint of circumstance pours a lovely hazy pale gold colour with a very fine head, with a hoppy citric aroma on the nose with hints of toffee. On the tongue, there is lashing of hops, slightly floral notes with the undercurrent of citrus. Carbonation is light to average adding to the drinkability. 

As previously mentioned this is certainly a go to easy drinker, light enough to enjoy in the sun but with enough depth to be enjoyed year round. Perfectly balanced, top quality beer from a brilliant brewery. One of my go to pale ales. 


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