DGH DGH is ready to launch

New artisan Pizzeria in Chester

DGH DGH - Artisan Pizzeria in Chester

It’s finally happening. We are all incredibly excited to open our doors to all the pizza lovers in Chester for our launch party TONIGHT.


Despite a lot of hard work, many late nights and early mornings, we have really enjoyed working behind the scenes to bring to life our passion for artisan pizza and turn it into a unique concept: a premium menu of damn fine pizza to enjoy on either traditional Neapolitan dough or our special guest dough, and pair up with the best craft beers.


It’s been a team effort and we want to thank every single team member for their hard work: from coming in at 5am to put up the sign outside, to staying in late to learn the best pizza + beer pairings (although that didn’t particularly feel like a chore, for some reason).


We also want to thank our lovely neighbours on Northgate Street, our fantastic suppliers and every local business that has been in touch or wished us good luck.


And we obviously want to thank YOU for taking an interest in our brand new pizzeria. What says ‘thank you’ better than free pizza?


Beth and Emma are looking forward to welcoming you to our launch party tonight, and Alex will be happy to recommend the best craft beers to go with your meal. Our head pizzaiolo Gabriele, who created the entire menu from scratch, has been working hard to prepare A LOT of dough and get you some awesome pizza ready to grab from 5pm.


We are serving it on a first come first served basis, so make sure you head over as soon as possible.

Free pizza, a fully-stocked bar and a free play arcade machine.

You bring your friends, we supply the rest.