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Magic Rock Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose

Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose - Alex’s Beer Blog

Brewery: Magic Rock

Style: Gose (Flavoured)

Abv: 4.1%

Salty Kiss has become one of Huddersfield Brewers  "Magic Rock"s staple beers, it's easy to get hold of, it’s relatively well priced, it’s thirst-quenching and easy drinking.

This salted Gooseberry gose goes down a treat, Pouring a slightly hazy straw yellow colour, with a thin white head.

On the nose, you get a big hit of tartness and tonnes of citrus fruit, hints of pineapple and obviously gooseberry, with big yeasty notes with a mineral finish.

On the tongue, you immediately get that slightly tart, a salty hit of the salted gooseberry, which follows into luscious amounts of fruit with almost apple and apricot notes coming through. Salty kiss finishes with a rewarding slight hoppy bitter edge and a semi-dry mouth feel, leaving lemon, salt and wheat flavours lingering on the tongue.

This beer is pretty much my go-to gose, its perfect to start an evening of drinking, or a lovely summers day  sipping on a few in the baking sun.

The flavours are great, the only thing that might let this beer down is its thin mouthfeel but again this perfectly lends to the beers easy of drinkability.


Magic Rock-Salty Kiss gooseberry gose
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