meet the team that make dough dough happen


Gabriele, head chef

Gabriele’s gastronomic journey began in Northern Italy. After achieving a diploma in kitchen school in Turin, his hometown, he started working in restaurants over ten years ago. He definitely knows his dough: he has spent years working in a bakery before finding his true vocation in pizza. Actually, we are pretty sure it runs in the family, since his brother is also a pizzaiolo “But we definitely can’t work together!” says Gabriele.

He was also a chef in a Michelin-start restaurant before bringing his culinary passion to the UK. Here, he collaborated with Marco Fuso, founder of London International Pizza School and winner of Uk’s Pizza Chef of the year in 2017.

Gabriele has crafted a mouth-watering pizza menu for DGH DGH.

“I’ve put all my passion into creating a simple yet delicious menu with something for everyone, from meat-lovers to vegans. I handpicked the best Italian suppliers and went with local businesses for fresh products that can’t be imported from my country.”

Gabriele is also excited to get involved in the Chester community and share his love for pizza at local events such as the Christmas market.


beth, manager

Beth moved to Chester when she was only seven and has worked in hospitality for over a decade, although her first front of house experience happened by complete chance! When a waitress didn’t show up at the pub where she worked as a KP, thirteen-year-old Beth found herself serving tables.

Her passion for hospitality grew with her: she worked for prestigious companies such as Brunning & Price, becoming an assistant manager and achieving an international wine certification.

 She truly fell in love with food when working on the other side of the kitchen pass in a pub & hotel in Shropshire. She learnt the importance of using seasonal produce and developed her taste palate.

 She later introduced Chester to the vibrant flavours of Latin America through Jack Burrito. As manager and executive chef, she was excited to create seasonal menus that included lots of vegan options.

 “I really enjoy working with Gabriele at DGH DGH because we get to combine traditions and innovations together... whilst drinking wine and eating pizza ourselves, obviously!”

 Beth will always make sure that everyone feels welcome, as soon as they walk through the door.


Alex, head barman

Alex started his career in the Food & Beverage industry when he was 16. Progressing from silver service waiter at Chester racecourse to bartender, he had is very first bar shift on the day of his 18th birthday. Finding his true passion for bartending, he has worked in prestigious bars both in Chester and Leeds, from Fiesta Havana, to Alexander’s, to The Liquorist.
He moved back to Chester to bartend at the cocktail bar Kuckoo, where he managed to build his palate to a level where he would subconsciously pair drink flavours with food and understand the nuances of flavour profiles.
Alex has created the DGH DGH drinks menu from scratch.

“I have curated an eclectic and vibrant mix of the world’s best craft beers, ranging from the standard pilsner and IPAs to the diverse land of DIPAs and sours.”

Whether it’s a zingy sour beer to cut through the high fat content of a cheesy pizza or a more robust IPA to go well with cured meats and strong flavours, each of our pizzas has an exclusive pairing recommended by Alex.


emma, assistant manager

Emma was born and bred in Cheshire. The buzz of customer-facing roles is, together with photography, a big passion of hers: she has been working in catering and hospitality ever since she was sixteen.


It was at Jack Burrito that Emma really discovered her appetite for good food and sharing her passion and recommendations with customers. She started working there as a waitress and quickly got promoted to assistant manager thanks to her hard work and attention to detail.


“I’m really excited about DGH DGH because I think there’s nothing quite like it in Chester. It’s not ‘just pizza’: it’s a unique concept!”


Emma’s personal mission is to make each customer’s dining experience special and memorable.